Attach Your Quest 2 / Quest 1 / Rift-S Mount

Measure from the TOP of the shaft.

You need to drill the hole on the same side as the hole for the head.

New Quest 2:  Measure 12.25″ from the top.  Mark it.

Original Quest 1:  Measure 11.25″ from the top.  Mark it.

Drill hole with 1/8″ bit.

Attach the bottom mount with the screw provided.

Slide top mount so that it is firmly against the bottom mount.

The hole should be on the same side as the bottom mount.

Drill hole with 1/8″ bit. 

After removing the top mount, slide the LEFT HAND controller around the shaft.

Thread the wrist strap through the hole in the bottom controller “cup”.

Push the controller firmly into place in the cup of the bottom mount.

Slide the top mount onto the shaft, through the ring of the controller.

Push the top mount all the way down.

The ring of the controller should seat into the groove in the top mount.

Secure the top mount with the provided screw.

You are ready to train!