Quest Virtual Goalie Installation Tool

Virtual Goalie Quest 1 & 2 Installation Tool


We have developed a brand new tool for loading Virtual Goalie on your Oculus Quest.  Oculus only allows entertainment on their app store.  You need to connect your Quest to a Windows computer to push our software onto the Quest.

This new tool guides you through the process.  

It will download the latest Virtual Goalie and install it on your Quest.  Run it periodically.  It will notify you if there is an update available.

Screen Shots

Multi-Player Drills – Software Update

Multi-Player Drills and Offense vs. Defense

Download and Install the Latest Software

At LAXON 2019, we promised multi-player drills and offense vs. defense.  It is now officially released.  Download the latest software.

What’s New?

  • Mutli-Player shooting drills – Pass to shoot drills to practice and improve your steps on the arc.  We have published 3 drills:  X to Top, Top Players Pass to Shoot, and Arc Drill
  • Offense vs. Defense – The ball moves around the perimeter of the offense, while defenders continuously adjust.  Learn to deal with screens as the ball moves, you work your arc, and the ball is shot.  
  • Men’s Offensive Sets – (counting from top) 2-3-1, 1-4-1, 1-3-2, 3-3
  • Women’s Offensive Sets – 3-2-2 (2 inside players), Wide 3-2-2 (no inside players)

How to attach Quest/Rift-S mount

Attach Your Quest 2 / Quest 1 / Rift-S Mount

Measure from the TOP of the shaft.

You need to drill the hole on the same side as the hole for the head.

New Quest 2:  Measure 12.25″ from the top.  Mark it.

Original Quest 1:  Measure 11.25″ from the top.  Mark it.

Drill hole with 1/8″ bit.

Attach the bottom mount with the screw provided.

Slide top mount so that it is firmly against the bottom mount.

The hole should be on the same side as the bottom mount.

Drill hole with 1/8″ bit. 

After removing the top mount, slide the LEFT HAND controller around the shaft.

Thread the wrist strap through the hole in the bottom controller “cup”.

Push the controller firmly into place in the cup of the bottom mount.

Slide the top mount onto the shaft, through the ring of the controller.

Push the top mount all the way down.

The ring of the controller should seat into the groove in the top mount.

Secure the top mount with the provided screw.

You are ready to train!

Major VR Software Update

LAXCON 2019 Release

Download on Your VR Computer

LAXCON 2019 was incredible.  We premiered our new version and the updates are exciting. 

  • Female shooters! – This has been our most requested feature.
  • Female Penalty Shots – See a penalty shot from the eights.
  • Close Fakes – The shooter will fake between 0 and 3 times before shooting.  He/She will turn their torso and bend their hips depending on where the fake or shot are aimed.
  • Alley Dodge Improvements – the running motion, hips and shots have been updated.  Shots are a random mix of overhand and sidearm.
  • Time and Room Shot Improvements – Overhand and sidearm shots have been updated.  Underhand will be updated in the next release.
  • Bug Fixes – We found some defects that needed to be addressed.
  • Easter Egg – We put an Easter egg in close fakes.  Let us know if you find it.  It will be obvious. 🙂

Course & Training Recommendations


Every time you train with Virtual Goalie, start with a Warmup course. The data from this course is not stored. It is intended as a warmup only. 


The first time you use the system, you must do an Assessment course. This course has two drills, each 100 shots. The first drill has shots going everywhere, with no bounce. The second has shots going everywhere, bouncing. For both, the speed increases incrementally from your baseline minus 5 MPH to your baseline plus 35 MPH. For example, if your baseline is 65 MPH, the speeds will range from 60 to 100 MPH. (You entered your baseline in the Settings in the app.) 

The point of this assessment is for you to collect a lot of data about your abilities. It gives you a starting point to compare your progress over time, and provides data that gives you insight into your ability to make saves at different speeds.

Speed Training

We highly suggest you do the Speed Training course three times per week. It is designed to increase your ability to make saves at high speeds. It will take you out of your comfort zone. That’s OK! The course consists of five drills, each of which increases the shot speed incrementally from your baseline minus 5 MPH to your baseline plus 20 MPH.

Tailor Your Training

Beyond these suggestions, tailor your training routine to your needs. If you have trouble with bounce shots, do Bouncer Training. If up close shots freak you out, do the Up Close drill. You can also create your own drills and courses in the app to further customize your training experience.

Have fun!