Baseball Eye Training

Virtual Baseball Eye Training

for Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR

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What is eye training? 

Certain athletes need to learn how to follow a high speed projectile in sports like baseball, tennis, lacrosse, and hockey. This is especially true when the projectile curves or bounces.  

What we’ve found in other sports is that players can learn to see faster projectiles by slowly increasing the speed of what they see. The athlete’s eyes track motion better, and their brain learns to predict where the ball is going.

Our Virtual Baseball Eye Training is the same concept. View more pitches at increasing speed. Learn to follow the ball with your eyes and see where it’s going.  Having trouble with a particular pitch motion?  See more of those pitches and learn to see that ball!

What can you do?

  • Left and right hand pitches
  • Different types of pitches — different motion using Magnus effect physics
  • Pitches that are both strikes and balls, aimed properly given the motion of the pitch
  • The ability to see the pitch from the left or right hand side of the plate, or from the catcher’s perspective
  • Show pitch trails during the pitch, after the pitch or never.  Pitch trails are a helpful tool to start learning to follow the ball

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