Chris Collins

Most Innovative Product at LAXCON 2018

Virtual Goalie debut a huge success

Goalies and other players lined up to demo Virtual Goalie at LAXCON in Baltimore, as word spread throughout the conference of the new way to train goalies with virtual reality. Team USA’s Chris Collins tried it and said not only was it a great workout, but the data it provided is invaluable.The Lacrosse Network named it the most creative and innovative product at LAXCON. Spartan Strings and Boston Vines also featured Virtual Goalie in their LAXCON roundups.

Here’s what we heard from coaches around the country:

Now my goalies don’t have to wait around at practice to take shots.

Most innovative product here! Love the data we get!

My goalies can take shots every day.

This is very impressive, very realistic.

Oh wow. My goalies can get practice shots without getting hurt.

Where was this when I was a goalie?

It’s badass!

Teams from around the country are signing up to improve their goalies’ play. See for yourself what all the buzz is about.

Introducing Virtual Goalie

Virtual reality lacrosse goalie training is here!

Many lacrosse goalies face the problem of lack of practice time and repetition. That’s why Cody Nelson developed Virtual Goalie, using virtual reality to create the perfect lacrosse goalie training scenario. Along with allowing players to practice whenever they want—regardless of weather or lack of a shooter—the system also provides an app, which delivers training data so users can track their performance and create custom drills.

Available now, Virtual Goalie will debut at the 2018 US Lacrosse Convention (LAXCON) in Baltimore.