Virtual Goalie – Hardware Suggestions

Virtual Goalie - Hardware Suggestions

Oculus Quest

We highly recommend the Oculus Quest.

The Quest is the first standalone VR hardware with 6 degree of freedom tracking of the headset and controllers.

It easy to setup because there are no external sensors.  

Most importantly, unlike the Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, and HTC Vive, you do NOT NEED A VR READY COMPUTER.

64GB unit retails for $399.  128GB unit retails for $499.

Oculus Store, as of May 31, 2019, is shipping units within a week.

Due to high demand as of May 26, 2019, the Quest is out of stock at Amazon.  

Best Buy still has supply available, including at many stores.  Check their website for delivery and local availability.

Virtual Goalie - Oculus Quest 2 Stick Mount



This custom mount is designed to attach your Oculus Quest 2 controller to a standard lacrosse shaft. 

With this mount, you can use a real stick to practice your saves. 

It increases the realism of your hand movements.